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WES Engineering Inc. is a privately owned S Corporation headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin with twenty employees. The company was started in 2004 in Minnesota as WES Engineering LLC, and in 2010 became WES Engineering Inc. The company specializes in engineering and consulting for renewable energy project development and operations. WES Engineering has experience developing wind projects from 11kW to 100MW and is currently involved in operations related work on five Midwest wind projects with six Clipper 2.5MW wind turbines and two Vensys 1.5MW wind turbines, in addition to engineering and development activities. WES Engineering has overseen the design, permitting, and construction management of several wind projects now operating. Since 2012 WES Engineering has been involved in the development of nearly 20MW of wind capacity.

In keeping with our sustainable mission, WES headquarters are a showcase of cutting-edge technologies including grid-tied solar electric, off-grid solar electric, solar hot water, and a green roof.

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Wes E. Slaymaker, P.E. - President

Mr. Slaymaker has seventeen years of experience working in the wind energy business. He is currently President of WES Engineering Inc, a twenty-person firm specializing in renewable energy development and operations for schools, farms and industrial clients.

He has a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech, and is a registered Professional Engineer in Minnesota and Wisconsin. He has assisted in all aspects of the development, construction management, and operations of wind turbine projects ranging in size from a single 35kW turbine in Minnesota to a 10 MW wind turbine project in Wisconsin.

Mr. Slaymaker’s duties include the installation and monitoring of wind measurement equipment, assistance in operations of wind turbines, turbine layout, permitting, electrical interconnection and construction supervision.

Diana Cohen - Vice President

Ms. Cohen is responsible for day-to-day operations. accounts, office, and general administration. Assists in various aspects of projects including site inspections and reports, met tower data and reports, mapping and collaboration.

Mike Stocking - Senior Engineer

Mr. Stocking has a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder. His renewable energy career began with R&D work for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. He next served as a Project Manager for a solar and wind installation company, SGES in Madison, WI. At SGES, his responsibilities also included acting as Installed Systems Manager for a fleet of 35 wind turbines, and as Engineer II, where he was responsible for data acquisition, analysis, and reporting for a large fleet of meteorological towers. Mr Stocking’s work at WES Engineering focuses primarily on O&M management, SCADA and data systems, wind resource analysis, and project development support.

Jacob C. Stacken - Wind Assessment Technician and Meteorologist

At WES Engineering, Mr. Stacken performs wind data analysis. He takes data from wind measurement towers and from airports and creates long term wind speed estimates. Prior to his position at WES, he worked for WindLogics Inc as an Associate Production Scientist and worked on numerical weather model operation, data analysis, report generation and consult- ing. Mr Stacken worked at the Oklahoma Daily Newspaper as meteorologist and designed and produced graphical and text forecasts. Mr. Stacken has a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology, cum laude honors from St. Cloud State University.

Kevin Prevost - Wind Technician III

Mr. Prevost assists in turbine maintenance and repair activities. He has four years experience installing and repairing wind measurement towers and instruments, is climb and safety certified, and works from the Cashton, WI location. Mr Prevost has worked in past as an under water welder on offshore oil rigs, and most recently was crew leader for Baseline Renewables in installation of 60m tall guyed towers.

Jason Vidas - Wind Technician II

Mr. Vidas assists in turbine maintenance and repair activities, he has five years experience installing and repairing wind measurement towers and instruments, is climb and safety certified, and works from the Cashton WI location.

David Kiedrowski - Wind Engineer

Mr Kiedrowski is a part time turbine operation engineer and turbine technician. He has four years prior experience working for Endurance Wind assisting in design improvements and repairs of their fleet of over 300 wind turbines. Dave monitors turbine operations via remote computer connection and assists with turbine repairs at other sites on an as-needed basis.

Roy Kryzer - Wind Technician II

Mr. Kryzer assists in turbine maintenance and repair activities at Lewiston where he lives and farms. Mr Kryzer has over ten years experience as a electrician working on commercial buildings, as well as his more recent experience operating a large farm including grain crops and livestock. Mr Kryzer also provides project maintenance of access roads and upkeep of the parts storage and maintenance shop on-site.

Eric Meyer - Wind Technician II

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